Old Bay Catfish Fillets

Old Bay Catfish
Old Bay Seasoning is an excellent blend of herbs and spices and has a natural affinity for seafood. Originally developed for use in the bars of Baltimore for seasoning the crabs they served, Old Bay Seasoning tastes great on many on seafoods. Our recipe today is Old Bay Seasoned Catfish Fillets and this one is about as simple as it gets. Yet it’s got a great flavor, both from the flavor of the fish, and from the excellent seasoning it receives.

To make this recipe, simply season both sides of catfish fillets with Old Bay Seasoning, and pan fry until lightly browned, turn, and cook the other side. We used frozen catfish fillets in the recipe pictured here, and cooked the fillets for about 10 minutes on low for the first side, and 7 minutes after turning. If the fillets are really thick and meaty, you could use a lid on the pan while cooking the catfish on the first side so they thaw on the top while the bottom is cooking, and then cook uncovered after turning. Make one fillet per serving, and serve with a tossed salad.

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  1. Matt says:

    Try injecting some Old Bay lemon butter into some chicken. Then seasoning with a little Old Bay, Greek, and BAR-B-QUE mixture. Then bake in the oven and baste with lemon butter mixture. Its awesome!

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