Old Bay Crabcakes Crab Cake

two slices bread, crusts removed
milk sufficient to moisten bread
one pound backfin crabmeat, picked through and cleaned
one quarter teaspoon salt
one teaspoon Old Bay Seasoning
one tablespoon baking powder
one tablespoon chopped parsley
one tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
one tablespoon mayonnaise
three to four tablespoons vegetable oil for frying

Since crabmeat bought in the store comes from crabs that are picked by people in a factory setting, clean crabmeat and pick through looking for any pieces of shell or cartilage. Pick over carefully to and try not to break up any of the large chunks of crab. The better crabcakes are those that have nice big chunks of crab meat visible on the outside.

Break bread into small pieces and moisten with milk; combined with the remaining ingredients and mix together well. Shape into four to six patties. Fry crabcakes in hot oil until browned; flip and brown other side.

Instead of frying, you may broil for about five minutes to each side; turning pver when one side has browned.

Serve with mayonnaise, tartar sauce or lemon wedges. Maybe served plain or on hamburger buns. Serve additional Old Bay Seasoning on the side.


  1. Mark says:

    I’m a Marylander and have eaten crabs and crab cakes for about 40 years now. I think the best crab cake recipe I’ve had is the easiest and is made with Old Bay Crab Cake Classic sold here: http://www.spiceplace.com/old_bay_crab_classic.php

    While you can mix your own seasonings and cut up bread etc, the Old Bay Crab Cake Classic does it all for you. All you need is crab meat and some real mayonaisse. Oh, and something to cook it in, of course.


  2. Joan Poucher says:

    Grew up on the Maryland shore and these are like my Grandmother and Mother always made them. They are the best! Thanks

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