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Can of Old Bay Seasoning
This is our cooking and recipe site related to our absolutely favorite seasoning, Old Bay. Over time, you will get a sense of our love of Old Bay, and we use it with almost anything. So stay tuned and we hope you enjoy our collection of recipes.

Old Bay Seasoning was created by Gustav Brunn, a Geman immigrant to the United States as was originally called “Delicious Brand Seafood Seasoning”. The Seasoning was later named Old Bay Seasoning, after the name of a steamship line the traveled on the Chesapeake Bay between Maryland and Virginia. Old Bay Seasoning was made by the Old Bay Company, Baltimore Maryland. The company was purchased by McCormick & Co during the 1990’s who continues to manufacturer the product.

Here in the Chesapeake region, Old Bay is a favorite spice and is used to season many foods, most notably crabs and shrimp. But Old Bay Seasoning is often used to simply season French fries, hash brown potatoes, and burgers.

Our goal here in this Old Bay Seasoning blog is to share our love for Old Bay Seasoning with the world. We will make lots of the recipes and take pictures of the prepared recipe. Sometimes we’ll simply list the ingredients and cooking instructions with plans for a photo to be added at a later date.

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